Freightliner Trucks, Cleveland NC

We were America’s largest Class 8 truck manufacturing facility. With employment levels over 4000 workers, producing over 228 trucks a day with a three shift operation in all areas. We produce the Freightliner Trucks; Columbia, Century Class, and the Cab Over Engine designed Argosy, which is the first design changed Cab Over Engine truck in the Industry in over 20 years.

Today we produce only 34 trucks per day with 700 workers and Freightliner's Mexico facilities produce nearly 200 a day. The thousands of laid off American workers need to come back to work. So please buy Freightliner Trucks built only here in the United States of America.

We are located in the small agricultural town of Cleveland, North Carolina which sits in the western part of Rowan County, approximately 45 miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Union members at the Freightliner facility are the most dedicated group of workers. We have accomplished many things in the 21 year history of our facility. Going from a Class 6 and 7 operation with one production line, to the largest Class 8 truck operation in America with two production lines. We have changed the type of trucks we run with no down time. This is a direct reflection of the members of this facility.

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